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The DynoValve is a patented computerized electronic pollution control device that replaces or works in conjunction with the vehicle’s (OEM) original stock PCV valve and modulates the introduction of undetonated crankcase gases to the engine that continuously recirculates and is recycled as additional fuel resulting in improved and cleaner engine performance and enhanced fuel efficiency which lowers the carbon footprint and creates a healthier environment.

The results are immediate:

Increased Fuel Economy –
Overall average testing has shown a 20.1% increase.

Cleaner Running Vehicle –
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Improved Overall Engine Performance.

AMA Road Test Cycle.

Our promise to you

Performance you can trust. We guarantee it.

We will prove it

Let us prove our product to you by installing several “Trial Units” for free during your 30-day evaluation. If you don’t agree that you are experiencing: Improved Fuel Mileage, Increased Performance, and a Cleaner Running Vehicle – we will remove the “Trial Units” for free if you are not satisfied, at no cost to you.

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