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History of the technology

The DynoValve patented technology

DynoValve, is a computer-controlled electronic device, replaces the vehicle’s original stock PCV valve and continuously modulates the introduction of crankcase gases to the engine. This eliminates the negative side effects produced by the stock valve as well as removes harmful crankcase emissions.

Around 1968 one of the first pollution control devices was adopted in the United States, the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve. Rather than simply dump unburned crankcase gases and oil on the ground and pollute the environment, these gases were instead directed back into the intake of the engine, through the PCV valve, a fixed orifice, to be re-burned in the combustion chamber. This 1960’s technology is surprisingly still in use today in all gasoline powered vehicles. The PCV valve, designed to reduce pollution; created a whole host of new problems; reduced fuel economy, dirty oil and less efficient combustion, which led to increased carbon build-up on engine surfaces and ironically more.


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